Material quality

Material quality

In our production we use the forest from Karelia, which is one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Russia.

Manual processing

Manual processing

We make manual processing of logs, maintaining a solid outer layer of wood with minimal disruption of the natural structure.

Experience and Qualifications


Our workers are constantly improving their skills with engineer-instructors from Germany, and specialists at European seminars.


Fellings of houses and baths from Karelia of the manual cabin according to the Canadian technology using high-quality Karelian wood. Since 2005, our company has been manufacturing houses, baths and garden furniture using manual processing and logging technologies. Let's make a felling of the house or bathhouse according to your unique project.

Наши услуги

Наша компания изготавливает срубы домов и бани ручной рубки по индивидуальным и типовым проектам, используя канадскую технологию обработки и строительства

типовые проекты нашей компании

Work Process

How is the production of a log house by Canadian technology

01. Design

Development of a unique design or selection of a typical project

02. Cutting

Logging at the construction site

03. Shipping

Transporting the log house to the installation site

04. Installation

Building a log house on your foundation

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