One-storey houses

One-storey houses

22 июня

One-story log building with a simple and inexpensive method of construction, which can be used as holiday home, holiday accommodation, bath houses or any other buildings.

The construction of these buildings has its advantages, which include:

- Easy construction

Such a construction is more simple and cheap, as its installation requires less material, and it did not require a large capacity of Foundation, because he does not have to withstand high loads.

- Short terms of construction

For the erection of single-storey buildings will require less effort and time than the construction of two-storey buildings.

- Ease of use in everyday life

In one-story houses there is no need to put the stairs, because it occupies a lot of space, and its continued use is inconvenient. Also don't have to worry about the reliability of the stairs.

- Easy finish

It requires less material, is easier to come up with a single design, it is easier to conduct the heating and the Sewerage.


- Communicating room

You have to carefully think about the layout of technical areas and rooms. Need to find a suitable place for the boiler and watch through to the bedrooms were not in the room.

- Small square

A one-storey building not too big, otherwise the building will take up too much space on the site.

Thus, despite its shortcomings, one-story houses have obvious advantages over other types of structures, remain in demand in the property market and are a very good decision in choosing housing.