The shrinkage of the log of logs

The shrinkage of the log of logs

22 июня

Shrinkage – the process of changing the height of the walls, due to the loss of moisture in building material.

If you do not take into account the likely degree of shrinkage of the wooden buildings, you may have not very pleasant consequences, such as misalignment of the roof and flooring, and door and window openings, damage to exterior and interior.

The duration of shrinkage is affected by:

Seasonality of performance of works

Temperature and precipitation during the construction of the framework can create conditions conducive to uniform shrinkage, and causing deformation of the wood. In the summer, at high temperature, the inner part of logs dries slower than the outer, which leads to cracking. And in winter, due to the low temperatures in the wood slow down all the process that provides uniform evaporation.

Technology of construction

The amount of log shrinkage depends on the construction technology.

Wood species

Directly affect the shrinkage properties of the finished houses of wood, and I. Less dense wood is lighter gives the moisture, which greatly accelerates the process. The spruce we use has a low density, which is around 500kg/m3, so the moisture evaporates faster than other breeds, so the shrinkage is less time.

The level of natural humidity of the material

One of the main factors influencing the process of shrinkage is the moisture content of the material. The less water in the wood, the less required time.

The location of the frame

You should also consider the terrain on which to build a log cabin. The valley will be further saturate the logs with moisture, and on a dry place it will go faster. Open space wind is stronger, so the evaporation becomes more intense, while the forest protects the structure from exposure to sunlight and circulating air masses, thus slowing down the shrinkage of the wooden walls.

The shrinkage of the frame is 3-4 years, of which intensive – 1 year. Also.ROE time should not be placed inside the heat source, otherwise it may lead to the deformation of logs and spoil the appearance of your building.